#MJMONDAYSmonday - apr 19, 2021

It all starts somewhere. Building your wardrobe is a life-long task but, here are 9 tips that I’ve found are actually helpful when it comes to doing that. Whether you love shopping or hate it, this will help you make things more simple. Have fun, buy things you love, and wear them until you can’t. And then get a tailor to repair them.        x Kevin

wednesday - apr 14, 2021

When you're driven to achieve something that
requires all your time, all your focus, all your's
extremely difficult to create meaningful space for
anything else. You can't achieve balance in all
areas of your life.This topic makes people feel uneasy, because
very few are willing to admit to that degree of
obsession. They feel selfish. Neglectful. Guilty about
their own choices. They start question their priorties.
But the more you hide it, the more you pretend you can
handle everything and "have it all," the less chance you
have of having anything at all.


tuesday - apr 13, 2021

Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 1
One of the funkiest albums of all time. S-Tier features including Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. This whole album sounds like summer. ZERO skips. This album was insanely slept on and if by chance you’re reading while driving on a beautiful day you should roll down your windows and play this right this second. Thank me later.

A psychedelic, jazzy, breezy album from the Colombian/Goddess that is Kali Uchis. Hardly any skips on this album. Her voice floats so nicely on every single track with features including Tyler the Creator, Steve Lacy, and Jorja Smith. (What more could you ask for). 10/10 album deserved more love.

Justin Bieber. Need I say more. This has to be his least listened to album and call me crazy but it might be his best. With features from Chance the Rapper, Future, and Lil Wayne. This Hip-Hop/R&B album from the Biebs go absolutely bonkers. Our favorite is recovery. If somehow this album came out under your radar I urge you to go give it a listen because wow.

Acid Rap
The second project from Chance the Rapper, and easily his best. For far too long the Album lived on SoundCloud but now you can stream every song besides Juice wherever you get your music and I must say, zero skips. ZERO. The man flexes on every song making you want to dance and rap along. Again if this somehow came out under your radar. GO LISTEN TO IT.

Days Before Rodeo
OUR FAVORITE TRAVIS PROJECT. And we don’t say that lightly. Some of his most iconic songs live on this Album/Mixtape (we’re not sure what to call it) but you can only stream this on SoundCloud. Appropriately named this came out before his first Studio Album Rodeo and man oh man. He really does his thing on this one. Notable tracks being Grey and Backyard but honestly every song goes hard.

Cherry Bomb
The most slept on Album of this guys discography. I often find a lot of Tyler fans who have never given this one a good listen. Which is a tragedy. I mean, there’s one song on here that has both Kanye and Lil Wayne on it. Tyler says it himself in SMUCKERS “Cherry Bomb the greatest album, since the days of sound”

Amineeeeeeeee. This dude took the game by storm with the song “Caroline” and ever since has been on a mission to prove that he;’s not a one hit wonder and damn has he proved himself time and time again. With this drop he has sealed his place in the rap game forever. Truthfully one of the better rap albums to come out in the past years.

Our cover album. Omar Apollo is definitely one of our favorite new artists. The latino-pop-indie artist has been consistently dropping HEATTTTT recently. He truly doesn’t miss. One of the most aesthetic albums in the last few years. Very chill songs to energetic Spanish ones, definitely worth the listen.

What could possibly go wrong
My personal favorite of the whole list. My favorite new artist and this album did not dissapoint. His sound might not be for everyone but if it is for you then the pop/rap/indie/genre bending singer from Naples might have released your new favorite album last year and you didn’t even know it. THIS ONE DESERVED MORE LOVE.

Passion Pain and Demon Slayin
Kid Cudi’s most slept on album. Yet there’s so. many. bangers. Surfin, Rose Golden, Baptized in Fire, and SO MANY MORE. A must listen.

Pharrell. The musical 5-count wizard. I mean do I have to explain this one.

At What Cost
Goldlink. WOWOWOWOOWOWOOWOWWOW. If you like smino or amine you’ll love this guy. You’ve probably already heard the single from the album, “Crew”, on the radio or from your friend with good music taste. This album in incredible. Goldlink is an artist. The album speaks for itself you have to have to have to listen. The best vibes.

The Suns Tirade
Isiaah Rashad has one of the smoothest rapping voices to come out in a minute. If you’re not into rap music, this one might not be for you. But if you are then you are in for a treat because Isiaiah Rashad does his THING on this album and you will not regret throwing this on the aux.

4 your eyes only
J. Coles least respected album for SOME reason. Reasons I don’t understand because the man went sicko mode on this one. He’s beautiful storyteller, he makes you feel liken you were there for all of these stories he tells so eloquently. Also he makes your head want to BANG. J Cole doesn’t miss so and this project deserved more love.

Smino smino smino. The man the myth the legend. If somehow you have never heard this mans music. Then first of all I envy you, but second of all what have you been doing. The St. Louis native goes crazy on every thing he touches but this first album of his is just a masterpiece. His ability to change his voice on almost every song is nothing short of a musical triumph the likes of we might have never seen before. Why are you still reading this go listen to the man.

monday - apr 12, 2021